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Amanda Crider

Amanda Crider

2022 Alumni Enterprise Awardee

Amanda Crider (‘06), mezzo-soprano and IlluminArts Founder and Artistic Director, Miami, Florida

IlluminArts presents: To Reach the Light

To Reach the Light is a collaborative multi-disciplinary work presented and curated by IlluminArts, performed by Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami and Philadelphia-based vocal ensemble Variant 6. Composers Elliott Cole, Shawn Crouch, Jenny Olivia Johnson, Carla Kiehlstedt, and Evelin Seppar have been commissioned for new works to be choreographed by Dimensions Company Dancer Yanis Eric Pikeris. These pieces are based on the theme “Transform” and consider how society is changing—how ideas, perceptions and philosophies mutate, how the way we perform and present music is transforming, how bodies transform through movement, and how six individual voices transform into one cohesive sound. Performances will be presented in March and April 2022 at The Rubell Museum in Miami and the Glen Foerd Estate in Philadelphia. Video recordings will be available online.